Ever since picking up a camera in 2013, the need to document scenes and capture images has become an ever present part of my life. From the streets to the mountains, to wherever stories of people and their environments can be told — that is where and what I like to shoot. My camera is by my side on most days and has been shelped on many road, backpacking and international trips. I strive to be comfortable shooting a diverse array of situations, as I believe that the more comfortable I am with various subjects help me capture better shots overall.

I graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz(UCSC) with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the end of 2017, and now at 23 I am figuring out how to make photography part of my professional life. For three out of my four years at the University of California Santa Cruz I worked as a photojournalist and eventually a photo editor for City on a Hill Press, the student run campus newspaper of record and my photo style is heavily influenced my time as a photojournalist. I was fortunate enough to also take a few upper division photography classes which helped me hone my skills and eye. 

I currently live in Santa Cruz, working in social media content production and management for some local non-profits and businesses while photographing in my free time, occasionally picking up professional work.  Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page for wedding, event or editorial photo needs if you like my style. I have experience shooting in various professional environments and would be happy to send over a portfolio to exemplify more of my work if needed.